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Serving the community one patient at a time

Joan Viteri Memorial Clinic was founded in memory of Joan Viteri, a resident of the Oak Park neighborhood in Sacramento who died as a result of a treatable abscess. Fearing judgement from the medical community because of the stigma tied to intravenous drug use, she was unable to obtain the medical care she needed. Together with Harm Reduction Services and the Gender Health Center, JVMC strives to prevent such tragic and unnecessary deaths among stigmatized populations in the Oak Park community. Equipped with specific resources to treat individuals who use intravenous drugs, individuals who work in the sex trade, and members of the LGBTQ community, we treat all patients with dignity and respect.


Are you a physician willing to donate a few hours of your time to mentor medical, PA, and NP students? Are you are a student looking to get hands-on experience with a high-need community? Are you an undergraduate UC Davis student seeking opportunity to learn? The Joan Viteri Memorial Clinic is an opportunity for current MD, NP, and PA students and current providers to serve the community. The clinic serves IV drug users, sex workers, homeless, and undocumented patients in the surrounding community.


Scheduling is flexible, volunteer physicians are welcome to come as often as they desired. 






Medical, PA, and NP students are an integral part of JVMC.  Student volunteers have the opportunity to work with patients one-on-one with physician supervision who provide guidance.  This is one of the best learning opportunities for any future provider. 

JVMC would cease to function without the dedication of UC Davis undergraduate students who serve the greater vision of the clinic.  This opportunity allows students to get experience in patient intake, lab work, community health, nutrition, and social work.



Where would we be without the dedication of experienced clinicians who are willing to offer their valuable time to mentor students?  Their oversights serve the community by allowing for consistent medical care to the patients who enter our clinic.

In association with Harm Reduction Services, JVMC's social work team allows for patient's to seek out holistic needs and pursue a greater life quality.  We offer various resources for patient care and life support.  There is opportunity for social work students to gain experience.






Want to serve your community? Mentor eager students in an incredible learning environment?  Provide care an support to a local communiyt>? Learn as a student and get medical experience? JVMC is the right place for you. 

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