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Please arrive
by 12:30.


Scrubs + ID badge.

 No white coat. 


Laptop + stethoscope 

(other clinical tools)


Park across the street from the clinic in the parking lot with a cross-wire fence. 

All non-professional volunteer support is provided by students from the University of California - Davis School of Medicine and School of Nursing.

Professional medical, healthcare, and counseling support is provided by volunteer community physicians and Harm Reduction Services of Sacramento.


  • All volunteer physicians are covered by UC Davis School of Medicine's malpractice insurance.

  • If you are currently a UC Davis Physician, this coverage is automatic.

  • If you are not part of the UC Davis Health System, please contact us at (

Medical, PA, & NP Students:   

  • Please arrive at the clinic at 12:30pm. Clinic starts at 1:00pm and usually runs until 5:00pm.  Please wear a scrub top and jeans/scrub bottoms since many of our patients are distrustful of white coats.  Bring your student ID and your stethoscope.

Student Resources:

Undergraduate Volunteers:

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